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Housing and Populism‘, with David Adler. West European Politics.  Forthcoming. OPEN ACCESS.

The Politics of Housing‘, Annual Review of Political Science.

The Future of Housing After Brexit‘, with David Adler. Political Quarterly.


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Mismatch: University Education and Labour Market Institutions,’ with Jane
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Schools database
Supplementary tables
Expanded sample information

Assets in Crisis: Housing, Preferences, and Policy in the Credit Crisis‘, Swiss 
Political Science Review.

‘A Tale of Two Trilemmas: Varieties of Higher Education and the Service Economy’ (with Jane Gingrich) in Anne Wren (ed.), Political Economy of the Service Transition, Oxford University Press. 


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‘Crisis as Political Opportunity? The Role of Partisan Politics in the Response to the
Global Credit Crisis’, in Bermeo, Nancy and Jonas Pontusson (eds.) Coping with
, Russell Sage Foundation. 2012.


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The Political Economy of Ownership: Housing Markets and the Welfare State’

Supplementary Materials

(Version presented at International Political Economy Society, Madison, 2011)

‘The Historical Development of Primary Education: Cleavages and Coalitions at the Turn of the Twentieth Century’ (with Johannes Lindvall)

‘Electoral institutions, credit, and political responses to economic polarization’ (with John S. Ahlquist)

‘Inequality and Democratization: Individual-Level Evidence of Preferences for Redistribution under Autocracy’ (with David Samuels)

Democracy and Redistribution 1880-1930: Reassessing the Evidence‘ (with David Samuels)

‘Membership Matters: Radical Right Party Composition in Comparative Perspective’(with David Art)

The Nest Egg Effect? Housing, the Welfare State, and Political Incentives

Bubbling Under: Political Preferences During Asset Booms and Busts‘.

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